After The Echo

Mime duo DeRonde/Deroo explore the struggle and the beauty of melancholy in this award-winning, visually stunning physical performance. Set in a dark and windy winter dreamscape, After The Echo takes you on a surrealist journey punctuated by explosions of colour and warmth: a blood-and-thunder pop ballad in a red sequin dress, a roadside encounter with a golden stag, two lost souls in a storm longing for a Brazilian beach

On the way we learn a little more about that mystifying feeling that unites us all because it affects us all; an antidote against polarisation and loneliness that connects us simultaneously with our insignificance and our importance.

An iconoclastic show delivered with both the intensity of a drunken one-night-stand and the sad fragility of the morning-after, After The Echo promises to leave you enchanted, moved, slightly perplexed and eager for more.

Première | September 2021
Duration +/- 30 min
This performance won Best of Fringe Amsterdam 2021

Concept & Creation

Tom de Ronde & Nick Deroo

Fabi√°n Santarciel de la Quintana

Sound Design
Jethro Cooke

Poster & Teaser
Joshua Walter

Technical Assistance
Jasper Kayser

Light Design
Jasper Kayser, Nick Deroo & Tom de Ronde

Sanne van Loenen

End Directing
Fabi√°n Santarciel de la Quintana

Thanks to Raaf, Matteo Bifulco, Afke Berger, René Geerlings, Loes van der Pligt, Matthijs Rijsdijk, Olga Tsyganova & Vis à Vis

Made possible by Janivo Stichting, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten, Amsterdam Fringe Festival


09/09/2021 | Amsterdam Fringe Festival | Amsterdam (NL)
10/09/2021 | Amsterdam Fringe Festival | Amsterdam (NL)
11/09/2021 | Amsterdam Fringe Festival | Amsterdam (NL)

09/03/2022 | Theater Walhalla | Rotterdam (NL)
14/03/2022 | Bellevue Theater | Amsterdam (NL)
24/03/2022 | Theater aan de Rijn | Arnhem (NL)
26/03/2022 | Ins Blau | Leiden (NL)
14/04/2022 | Theater Kikker | Utrecht (NL)
29/04/2022 | Leidse Schouwburg-Stadsgehoorzaal | Leiden (NL)
27/05/2022 | The Old Market, Brighton | Brighton Fringe (UK)
28/05/2022 | The Old Market, Brighton | Brighton Fringe (UK)
29/05/2022 | The Old Market, Brighton |Brighton Fringe (UK)
04/06/2022 | Karavaan Festival | Alkmaar (NL)
05/06/2022 | Karavaan Festival | Alkmaar (NL)
06/06/2022 | Karavaan Festival | Alkmaar (NL)

26/01/2023 | Zaal 3 | Den Haag (NL)
04/02/2023 | Cultuurcentrum Scharpoord | Knokke-Heist (BE)
07/10/2023 | Theater De Veste | Delft