TRANSIT – fasten your seatbelt, there’s no estimated time of arrival is¬†a surreal physical performance about being stuck ‘in between’. The feeling¬†of an eternal transit zone at an airport where no plane ever arrives or¬†departs. As you are waiting for help, with a suitcase in your hand, your¬†body starts to shake as if there is an earthquake inside you. There is no¬†one to help you. You’re on your own. Advice? Enjoy it, because there is¬†still a long way to go.

This absurd, dreamy and humorous performance takes a cinematic look¬†at the feeling of never getting anywhere. In reality, we are more often on¬†the go than arriving somewhere. We are always looking. We strive for¬†happiness. We crave love. We’re trying. We hope. We dream. We wish.¬†We desire. So…watch out for turbulence.

TRANSIT is a sequel to ‘After The Echo’, which won the Best of Fringe¬†Award at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival in 2021.

Duration +/- 60 min


Concept & Creation

Nick Deroo, Tom de Ronde & Amber Veltman/Kim Verbeke

Pol Eggermont

Costume Design
Karen de Meijer & Marrit van der Burgt

Sound Design
Jethro Cooke

Poster & Teaser
Joshua Walter

Technical Assistance
Jasper Kayser

Light Design
Grischa Runge

Creative Producer
DVMSCO agency - Marieke van Dis

Feikes Huis

End Directing
Jef Van gestel

Thanks to Annabel Koele, Stichting Mimeplatform, Makershuis Alkmaar, De Sloot, P.A.F., Mathijs Rijsdijk, De Waarbeek, Niels Nijs, Duo Savar, Irene Schaltegger, Interfloor and all the bumper car people.

This project is supported by Alkmaar Maakt Het, Olland-Buisman Stichting, AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Art), Fonds 21, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Fonds Podiumkunsten

For bookings contact:

17/10/2023 | Theater Bellevue | Amsterdam (NL) (try-out)
18/10/2023 | Theater Bellevue | Amsterdam (NL) (première)
28/10/2023 | De Verbeelding | Purmerend (NL)
16/11/2023 | Zaal 3 | Den Haag (NL)
22/11/2023 | Theater Kikker | Utrecht (NL)

12/01/2024 | Ins Blau | Leiden (NL)
23/01/2024 | Parktheater | Eindhoven (NL)
13/02/2023 | Theater Bellevue | Amsterdam (NL)
03/04/2023 | Theater De Landing | Amstelveen (NL)